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12th Grade
SAT Bootcamp
The BARUN ACADEMIC CENTER'S SAT BOOTCAMP provides diligent high school seniors with a proven curriculum of practice tests, lecture materials, and direct instruction to maximize their scores for the SAT.  This THREE week course is intended to prepare the 12th grade student for the SAT October 2nd.  Parents will receive weekly updates regarding their student's academic progress.  Only 12th graders will be accepted.  The program is structured as follows:
Practice Makes Perfect
3 full-length practice tests
Rigorous Instruction
Writing: Direct instruction of grammar and language
Reading Comprehension: Exposure to over 1,000 vocabulary words, practice with over 20 reading passages
Math: Drills with over 500 math problems
Daily homework with weekly quizzes
September 11—25 (3 weeks)
Real Practice Tests & Lectures Saturdays 8:00am—2:30pm
College Essay
The COLLEGE ESSAY for the 12th grader is designed to achieve three goals for the aspiring college application:
1) Become a better writer in general.
2) Best express the student's individual talents and record of achievement with compelling, concise writing and
3) Assist the student in making him/her appear as attractive as possible to the student's top choice schools.
This workshop-style course is designed to help young people write about themselves and their experiences. Below are the primary course objectives. Students will:
Understand the unique nature of the personal essay genre.
Demonstrate appropriate tone, organization, and style.
Recognize what readers in general and admissions officers, in particular, are looking for in personal essays.
Increase sentence-level accuracy, consistency, precision, and balance.
Enjoy improved confidence in personal writing skills.
Over the course of this session, students will produce a portfolio of personal essays written in response to a range of prompts published by public and private university admissions programs. Each meeting will offer writer's workshops and one-to-one individualized attention specifically tailored to enhance the student's portfolio. Instructor has proven experience in helping diligent students gain admission to each Ivy League university (Harvard, Yale, Cornell, etc.), other top private universities (e.g. Stanford, Amherst, etc.), and UC schools.
September 17—November 19 (10 weeks)
Fridays 4:00—6:00pm JELNICK
Life Literacy
The LIFE LITERACY course is a 10 week seminar to introduce students to the topic of self-theories (mindsets), to sharpen the skills they need to do well in school and how to live a better life. Students will study the latest research on what makes people happy, on how happiness at school improves the quality of work, on how people develop wisdom, and on what makes a life not just successful but meaningful. In this seminar, students will explore what new results in psychological science teach us about how to be happier, how to feel less stressed, and how to flourish more. The 10 weeks will also offer the chance to put these scientific findings into practice by building the sorts of habits that will allow us to live a more fulfilling life. Students will talk about how to prevent procrastination and how to harness our automatic processes to better achieve our goals in addition to thinking critically about how to use what we've learned towards our own happiness and to make a difference in our communities. Students will be writing both short and long essays to range from 400-1,000 words each in addition to reading works of philosophical, literary, and scientific depth. Some book purchases will be necessary. Students can expect homework and weekly quizzes.
September 9—November 18 (10 weeks)*
*November 11 (Veteran's Day Observed)
Thursdays 4:00—6:00pm JELNICK
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